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Hand using smartphone with Social media concept.
Case story
What is your 1-second digital ad strategy?
For a long time, the mobile marketing industry has used a benchmark that ads must be seen for around 3 seconds to make an impression. Neurons Inc was commissioned by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) to work together with the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) to better understand mobile ad responses as they unfold in the first few seconds. The results provide groundbreaking new understandings of responses to mobile advertising and the need for a #1secondstrategy.
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Case story
The value of social interactions in VR
How do customers respond to new digital products? When Facebook acquired the VR solution Oculus, they were interested in understanding how people responded to social interaction in a virtual environment, and how this compared to normal talks. We used consumer neuroscience solutions to show both that VR experiences were as engaging as in-person meetings. Moreover, introverts actually showed a higher engagement and preference for VR-talks.
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Case story
Four powers for advertising success
Together with Stanford University and Bonnier News, Neurons conducted one of the largest longitudinal neuromarketing studies. A major insight from the study was the linking between neuroscience-based measured and a theoretical model of ad effects. Here, we present some of the highlights of the study.
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internet of things marketing concepts,man holding tablet to know the data of eye contract of customer by augmented reality technology,to collect and analysis data that customer like and wish to buy
Case story
How consumer neuroscience adds value to retail innovation
How do we choose products in a store? Do prior ad exposures have an effect on how we look for products and what we choose? Together with Lowe’s Innovation Labs, Neurons has trailblazed how neuroscience can be used to understand customer responses in the store. In this study, we demonstrated how decisions are made in the store: in the blink of an eye.
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