The Consumer Neuroscience Company

What is Neurons Inc?

Neurons Inc is a consumer neuroscience company that uses neuroscience tools and insights to better understand and improve the consumer experience.
About us

The Foundation

Neurons Inc is founded and headed by Dr. Thomas Z. Ramsøy, who is considered one of the leading scholars and practitioners in applied neuroscience, neuromarketing, neuroeconomics, and consumer neuroscience. Dr. Ramsøy is the author of two bestselling books (and more to come), and he continuously publishes papers in leading scientific journals on these topics. His work operates as the spine of Neurons' work, and drives our continuous imperative to improvement and innovations, including new products, method, and metric validation, and new areas to apply neuroscience tools and insights.
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Science and relevance

Core Values

Our work is firmly based on science and we operate in the intersection between science and industry. Our values include:
  • TRANSPARENCY – All methods and metrics are documented.
  • VALIDITY – Methods/metrics are based on the latest science.
  • REALISM – Our solutions reflect true customer behaviors.
  • RELIABILITY – Our metrics have high test-retest reliability.
  • EFFICIENCY – Our methods are maximally cost-effective.
  • VALUE – Our reports provide the best possible value.
  • PREDICTIVITY – Our metrics predict market responses.
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Technical paper

Our science - for you!

Our approach is based on the latest robust neuroscience and experimental psychology. In this document, we explain the background of our methods and metrics. This document explains the basics of Neurons, our study approach, how we recruit people, acquire data, preprocess and analyze data.
Client centered

We're here for you!

At Neurons, we work on three levels. First, we are driven to provide the best-in-class products for your research team. Second, we love a challenge! We constantly try to understand your challenges and how research can help you make the best possible decisions. Finally, learning and teaching is our game! Have us for a keynote, a team workshop, or other events to boost your team on the latest neuroscience!
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We're looking for you!

Vacant position: Marketing Coordinator

We are looking for a Marketing Coordinator for our continuing global aspirations. Join our amazing team in Copenhagen, Denmark! Read more about the position and apply through the buttons below.
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Vacant position: NeuroResearcher internship

Do you want to do an internship with us? We now have an internship position available in our Danish headquarters. Become a part of our research and learn the essential skills of neuromarketing and consumer neuroscience research! Mark your application "NeuroResearcher Internship"
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