Better Understanding of Your Customers

Neurons Inc is a company that helps business to better understand customers’ conscious and unconscious thoughts and behaviours. By using state of the art technology, and inventing new solutions, we provide the best practice for gaining insight into consumers’ minds and behaviours.

Our offers include:

Neuroimaging: mobile and stationary EEG
Physiology: eye-tracking and GSR
Computational neuroscience: mathematical predictive tools and big data
Consultancy: seminars, webinars, workshops, consulting, coaching and supervision


Accurate, Scalable, Affordable

Our tools meet the challenges of today’s research needs. The solutions are built on rock solid science, and are made available and affordable by employing the latest technological advances. To read more about each of our services, please choose one of the suites below.



NeuroMarketing NeuroCInematics NeuroGaming
    Prices from $3,000

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    Prices from $20,000

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    Prices from $40,000

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Based on Science, made by the Scientists

We not only talk about the science, we live it every day. We are the experts. Our solutions are


based on our contribution to science, and are always scientifically published and validated.

Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy, PhD in Neurobiology

Thomas is the Founder and CEO of Neurons Inc, and is considered of the leading experts on neuromarketing and consumer neuroscience. He is also an innovator by heart. With training in economics and neuropsychology, he holds a PhD in neurobiology from the University of Copenhagen. See more at his LinkedIn profile. You can also see his VITA (PDF file).

Thomas publishes extensively on the application of neuroimaging and neurophysiology to consumer behaviour and decision making. See the latest updates on his ResearchGate profile. A more comprehensive list of publications can be downloaded HERE (PDF file)
He currently leads a multi-site lab at the Copenhagen Business School and Copenhagen University Hospital where we use an eclectic mix of technologies and the sciences of economics, psychology and neuroscience.



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