Understanding Consumer
Emotions with Neuroscience
Using eye-tracking and brain scanning
to probe and affect choice

Neurons Inc is an applied neuroscience company. We use the latest tools and insights from neuroscience to measure, understand and affect human decision making.

In doing so, we run studies around the globe, where we test for attention, emotion and cognition in many industries. Advertising, retail, media, product testing, innovation, management & leadership, are all areas in which we add value to our clients.

Neurons Inc is a unique combination of science and business. The company is both a spin-off from the Copenhagen Business School and University Hospital, and a product from an incubation process with Lowe’s Home Improvement.

Google IO 2017

Empowering consumer adoption of technology

Neurons was recently featured at the Google I/O as a solution for ensuring quality improvement and consumer technology adoption.

“When we are building experiences that are so far removed from what customers know today (…), how do we measure what’s working? So we quickly found that the right tools didn’t exist to evaluate whether people like something that they have never experienced before — something truly new like Tango. You can’t trust people’s stated reactions to tech that is so new. Neuroscience allows us to tap into customers’ unstated reactions through a variety of measures. We’ve completed thousands of hours on different AR and VR platforms and technologies.”

See the full I/O presentation here, and to jump directly to the presentation that features Neurons, go here.

Facebook social VR study

How Virtual Reality Facilitates Social Connection

A new sensational case study for Facebook 

“To get a glimpse of [the future of social interaction], Facebook IQ studied the impact of participants accessing virtual reality via an Oculus Rift headset on a cornerstone of human communication: a one-on-one conversation. We commissioned Neurons Inc, an applied neuroscience consultancy, to compare how participants in the US responded both cognitively and emotionally to conversing in virtual reality versus having a conversation face to face.”

Read the full study detail  release about Neurons Inc’s study for Facebook.

Uncommon Partnership to Drive Innovation

How we work with Lowe’s Innovation Labs to disrupt the retail industry

“One company that Lowe’s Innovation Labs has partnered with is Neurons Inc., a neuromarketing firm that has reduced the cost and increased the speed of this process, alongside delivering actionable results. “It has been hugely, hugely successful for inside of Lowe’s, and especially inside of Innovation Labs,” said Kyle Nel. Tapping into the insights offered by “applied neuroscience” feeds into another core goal of Lowe’s Innovation Labs as outlined by Nel: namely, understanding what factors truly impact human behaviour.”

Read more about our work with and for Lowe’s Innovation Labs here, and a presentation of the collaboration here.

Ericsson Neurons delays

The Stress of Mobile Delays

Mobile delays are excruciating and frustrating — but what is the consumer tolerance to delays? In a series of studies with Ericsson’s Consumer Labs, we have demonstrated regional breaking points of mobile delays. 

Fitted with pulse meters, eye-tracking glasses and EEG brain scanners, the participants were challenged to complete tasks in a set amount of time – and then served with a bevy of network delays, from just a few seconds’ delay in web page loading to multiple video buffering events.

Among the impacts: your heart rate alone increases on average 38 percent with mobile delays in this kind of time-pressurized setting. And if you’re trying to watch a video and have already experienced some delays, just one pause can increase your stress levels an additional 15 percentage points.

Basically – experiencing mobile delays is about as stressful as watching a horror movie or solving a math problem.

Read more about our work with and for Ericsson’s Consumer Lab, especially the basic paper, results from Germany, and from Indonesia.



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