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internet of things marketing concepts,man holding tablet to know the data of eye contract of customer by augmented reality technology,to collect and analysis data that customer like and wish to buy
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How consumer neuroscience adds value to retail innovation
How do we choose products in a store? Do prior ad exposures have an effect on how we look for products and what we choose? Together with Lowe’s Innovation Labs, Neurons has trailblazed how neuroscience can be used to understand customer responses in the store. In this study, we demonstrated how decisions are made in the store: in the blink of an eye.
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The Beat of a Billion — finding the right tune for a product launch
When Spotify were about to launch their solution to a billion potential customers in India, they wanted to do so with a splash. What better than finding a beat that everybody would jam and dance to? But finding the right tune. Neurons used neuroscience solutions to help Spotify identify the tune that the population would respond the most to.
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How brands can create teen passion
What are millennials passionate about? Together with the Swedish media brand SF Media (now Filmstaden Media), we used neuroscience to better understand passion in the brain. We then used machine learning to create a brain metric to predict passion, interest, and desire towards brands. Millennials have emerged as a generation of critical customers. This demographic group is not easily conquered, they tend to have a closer relationship with the brands that they love, to which they are extremely loyal. The so-called Generation Y doesn’t care about printed coupons or chatterbox car dealers, they tend to prefer easily redeemed promotion codes and online shopping. They really care about the story behind the brands: What’s the brand’s environmental impact? What are their ethical practices? Does it have great customer service?
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High rise buildings and streets in Dubai, UAE
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Probing emotional responses to living spaces
How do we respond to the potential of living in a new are of a town, or to the prospects shown for upcoming community buildings? Going under headings such as NeuroArchitecture and NeuroDesign, the use of neuroscience has recently begun to be used to understand our experience of living- and working spaces, both as we walk through them and as we are presented with prospects, concepts and models of them. In a study commissioned by Majid Al Futtaim in Dubai, Neurons demonstrated the power of neuroscience in understanding what people respond to as good living spaces.
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