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Neuropsychologist & neurobiologist. World renowned expert in applied neuroscience. Author of best-selling textbook on neuromarketing.


Dr. Ramsøy started his career by studying business economics at the Norwegian School of Economics, after which he briefly studied philosophy while working in market research. Dr. Ramsøy then turned to psychology, where he did his bachelor and master’s degree cum laude, after which he worked as a clinical neuropsychologist at neurological and psychiatric hospital departments. In 2004 he entered his PhD in neurobiology and neuroimaging at the Copenhagen University Hospital, finishing his thesis in 2008 and being able to run both MR and EEG brain scanners from A to Z, developing novel neuroanatomical and statistical protocols along the way. He was then invited to establish a research group in conjunction between the Copenhagen Business School and Copenhagen University Hospital, which cumulated into the Center for Decision Neuroscience. Here, Dr. Ramsøy led a group of researchers that achieved numerous high impact journal publications, including Science, PNAS and Psychological Science. During this period, Dr. Ramsøy established Neurons Inc as a spin-off from CBS and the university hospital, and as an incubation process through Lowe’s Innovation Labs in Silicon Valley. Today, Dr. Ramsøy is regarded as one of the leading scholars and practitioners in applied neuroscience, including neuromarketing, neuroeconomics and related disciplines. He has published numerous scientific papers, and has written the first and still only textbook on neuromarketing and consumer neuroscience. Dr. Ramsøy is a consultant for Fortune 500 companies on employing neuroscience to business, and on innovation, and he frequents the corners of this planet doing workshops, seminars and establishing university curricula on applied neuroscience.


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Cell: +45 2181 1945
Email: thomas@neuronsinc.com

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