The most cited journal in Neuroscience is Open-access

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An estimate of 2.5 million scientific papers were published in 2014, and the numbers grow every year. But is this knowledge put into practice? Are we applying all what we know to solve the problems that agitate the world?

The Open Science movement strives to allow cutting-edge outstanding research to become a real-life thing. From ecological farming to nano-robotics, all industries can benefit from this — sometimes overlooked — body of knowledge.

Neurons Inc is at the forefront of exactly this: transferring scientific knowledge to the general community. We empower companies with meaningful scientific insights that help them shape their futures, understand their customers better, and improve the world in which they operate. Notably, this is also done by our CEO and founder, Dr. Thomas Z. Ramsøy, being an active board member of the Frontiers system (in psychology and neuroscience), as well as in the Nature journal Scientific Report, in which Dr. Ramsøy is an action editor.

We support open science for the benefit of our society and our future. That’s why we are celebrating. Because the Frontiers in Neuroscience journal series is the 1st most cited in Neurosciences. Go Frontiers! Open knowledge for everyone!

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