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Recently, Neurons Inc presented at the Lions Innovation Festival in beautiful Cannes. Together with UK based and leading ad agency HeyHuman, we presented the latest insights from how media multitasking can have a devastating effect on consumers’ attention to advertising.

While these results were also presented (and very much liked)  at the prestigious SxSW conference earlier this year, in Cannes we took it one step further: we insisted on making a live demo of the effect. One innocent recruit was fitted with EEG (and calibrated prior to the event) and was challenged to do increasingly difficult media multitasks, while he was asked to pay attention to a roll of advertisements on a screen.

As you can guess, attention goes down to ads, while cognitive workload goes up: it simply becomes so much harder to keep three tasks in mind at one time, than merely paying attention to ads.

The take-home message is in part the slaughtering of a sacred (yet implicit) cow of advertisements: advertisers assume that viewers and consumers have all the time they need to process your ads. The simple message is: they don’t. And at Cannes, we showed that with a live demo!

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