Using Neuroscience to Make Consumers Buy



Is your ad seen?

Do consumers resonate  with the ad content?

Do they remember  the ad and your brand?

How can a commercial trigger purchase?

How can the ad be improved?

In understanding consumers, there is a need to go beyond traditional methods of understanding consumers. In addition to these methods’ focus on apparent and conscious ad responses, applied neuroscience opens the lid to the unconscious responses of consumers, and how such emotional and cognitive responses ultimately drive consumer behaviours.


Neurons Inc has revolutionised the way in which ads are understood, tested and improved. By combining NeuroMetric measures with biometrics, eye­-tracking, facial coding and self-reports, we gain an unprecedented access to both conscious and unconscious drivers of ad effects. Through this understanding, we are also able to provide actionable insights, and propose ways to improve the advertising.

In doing so, Neurons has developed several new and innovative solutions that combine the highest standards of applied neuroscience, including valid tools and metrics, a fast turnaround, and a competitive price.

The Neuromarketing Omnibus is our regular and standardised ad test. Here, a standard consumer segment are tested on a number of commercials, intermixed with entertainment pieces and motivating tasks.

In particular, we do the following:

  • 30-­40 participants from a standard segment – additional cell sizes of 30 each are possible.
  • All participants see up to 30 ads intermixed with documentaries, tasks and other assignments.
  • Attention is measured with eye­tracking, and Arousal, Motivation, and Cognitive Load is measured by neuroimaging (EEG).
  • Data for each ad is analysed using multivariate mathematical modelling, all analyses are performed as a cloud analysis.
  • All reports contain the following:
      Aggregate NeuroMetric scores that are compared to our normative database of thousands of prior ad tests.
      Heat map /bee swarm showing visual attention to ad content.
      Second by second plots showing emotional and cognitive responses to specific events during the ad.
      Ad Score, Brand Score and Message Score that are measures of successful attention and emotional resonance.

Neurons Inc also provides means to test advertising success across different media and channels, including mobile devices, direct mail, online, brand­ and product placement, indoor and outdoor signage, and much more.



NeuroMetrics are accurate predictors of ad success!

By using our neuroscience based measures, you will gain an unparallelled understanding of customers’ emotional and cognitive ad responses.

Each ad is evaluated on the following metrics:

  • Overall ad success — Using our validated Neurons Success Index (NSI) you get a quick answer to how well the ad did overall.
  • Branding success — To what extent is the brand seen, remembered and connected to the ad message?
  • Communication success — Are customers understanding the key message? Are they motivated by your call to action?
  • Product/service success — How are customers responding to the shown product or service? Does it generate interest and desire?

These and other Key Performance Metrics are delivered in our routinely run ad tests around the globe.

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Use NeuroMetrics to diagnose and take out low performing parts of ads

Use brain scanning and eye-tracking to understand emotional responses during the ad. This allows you to diagnose each of the ad elements, and improve them step by step.

Some of these improvements include:

  • Ad clipping — NeuroMetrics allow you to find parts of ads that are not performing well and can be taken out and thereby improve the ad performance.
  • Brand positioning — See whether the brand is seen, and if customers connect it to the ad message.
  • Catchphrase success — Are customers seeing and understanding the key message?

The superior resolution by neuro-measures allow you to accurately diagnose and improve your ad effects.

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The NeuroEquity test allows you to measure whether ads are indeed brand building

Our battery of test allows you to measure and understand whether ads effect on your brand. Does the ad make customers more likely to recall your brand? Are their associations and emotional responses improved or worsenedt by the ad?

The two batteries offered are:

  • NeuroEquity — A brain scanning based test of consumers’ “gut reactions” to brands, and thereby understand their direct and often unconscious brand emotions. This works very well as a pre-post comparison measure. The NeuroEquity measure tracks two unconscious customer brand responses:
    • Brand emotions — Direct and unconscious “gut reactions” to brands, showing how customers show interest, desire or lack thereof to your brand.
    • Implicit associations — An implicit association test using brain scanning to measure how different concepts relate to each brand.
  • Neuropsychology Brand Associations Test — A neuropsychology based test battery that also works online (online platform coming soon).
    • Top of mind — how aware of your brand are customers? How does this related to your closest competitors?
    • Category cued recall — similar to the top of mind but with the cueing on specific industries of interest, allowing an industry-specific ranking of brands.
    • Brand associations — this works both as a free association task, and subjective rating of brand-word associations. This allows you to understand customer associations to your brand and your closest competitors.
    • Feeling of knowing — a measure of “meta-cognitive memory”, that is, how strongly a person feels that she/he knows a particular brand.
    • Brand liking — a self-rating liking score, but when combined with the other scores give a relatively complete picture of brand associations and strengths

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Stationary Test
Stationary Test

This is a solution for testing more standardised stimuli, including images, videos, static media pages. The tests have a quick turnaround and standardised report.

Dynamic Testing
Dynamic Testing

In this solution, we test in stationary environments, where we allow participants to actively interact with the media. This solution is used for web pages, gaming, virtual environments and all similar stationary setup solutions.

Mobile Testing
Mobile Testing

In this solution, we allow participants to move freely around in everyday environments and test environments. The mobile test can be done inside the actual store, in public spaces, whenever interacting with products, and in social situations.

 Ad Hoc Testing
Ad Hoc Testing

In this solution, we design the project with you in exquisite detail, to approach and answer your research questions. The choice of methods depends on how we decide to set up the study, but will as a minimum include eye-tracking and brain scanning (EEG), while it may be combined with other (and novel) methods.

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