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As part of this coming year’s course in neuromarketing, I have prepared a list of essential readings in neuromarketing. The list is made available on our BrainEthics site, with direct links to PDF files, if applicable.

The list is intended to provide a gross overview of some of the topics in this field, as well as some pointers to articles that “everybody” should know.

Some selections were made:

  • I decided to go for academic papers throughout. The CBS elective is an academic course indeed, although we do touch upon relevant business aspects in this course.
  • Related to this, my focus has been not so much on the mind reading aspect (i.e. how well we can apply neuroimaging to predict choice etc.) but rather to display the added value to our understanding of consumer behaviour and marketing
  • I chose to use not only articles using neural measures, but works that employ the derived knowledge from cognitive neuroscience. This means that many articles are purely behavioural, but still most relevant to a perspective emphasizing the biological aspects of consumption

If you think that articles of utmost importance are missing, please notify me at tzramsoy AT gmail DOT com.


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