Branding the brain – JCP article with a critical view and review

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For those of you interested in neuromarketing, neuroeconomics, consumer neuroscience, decision neuroscience (…) look here. TOgether with Hilke Plassmann and Milos Milosavljevic, I have an article in press at the Journal of Consumer Psychology, on the brain bases of branding.

In this piece, we have focused on the different steps in which brands make their impact on consumers’ brains and behaviours. We demonstrate how brands impact on the levels of attention, reward expectation and experience, and memory. We also provide a critical take on the different aspects of more commercial uses of neuroscience tools in marketing, and we provide some guidelines and future directions for this agenda.

If you want a preprint version of the article, please download it from here (PDF file). By clicking this link you confirm that you have asked me for a preprint copy. For the full version, please download it from the journal website (remember, they also need subscriptions to keep the wheels turning)


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