Ads provoke emotions – but links to motivated behaviours?

 In memory, neuromarketing

This ad almost put me to tears. Although I read about in an exam paper, I did not realise how emotional it could be. Maybe it’s because I’m a father, things get little different, even after child three. But this really touched me.

Will I wear seatbelt more often? No. I already use it 100% of the time, even for short trips.

But it also raises the question of whether getting emotional will also lead to motivated changes in behaviour. Will you wear a seatbelt more often after seeing this ad?

Making ads that change behaviour would most often require specific memory, since the ad and the behaviour are separated by time. So making the connection is the hardest part. With this ad, one could in fact that the crucial aspect would be to make the associative link between this ad and the actual behaviour. So the next time you turn the car key, would this trigger this emotion? Maybe not

If the ad included other explicit aspects of driving, this would increase the likelihood for the connection being made.

Such as below: the next time you yawn, will you think of … Starbucks?


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