The iDECIDE business forum opens, first newsletter!

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As you may have heard, we are currently opening a business network, entitled iDECIDE. The aim of this forum is to provide the latest news and views from the scene of neuroscience, applied to a business framework. We provide a network of selected likeminded companies from various disciplines (finance, marketing, communications).

iDECIDE is non-profit, and a membership fee is used to cover expenses for running iDECIDE, and to provide the basic facilities for running related activities.

In particular, our focus is on bringing the latest research news (even before scientific publication), and to provide the means to move this research into scalable products, practices and services.

We now announce the iDECIDE Newsletter – June Issue (PDF), as a teaser to what the membership will entail.

The annual fee is 25.000 Danish Kroners (approximately €3.400), and will cover:

  • free access to seminars, workshops and courses for up to 5 people per membership
  • a newsletter providing the latest groundbreaking results from our own lab and international research
  • a network for likeminded professionals and scholars
  • a direct access to students being properly trained in neuromarketing, neuroeconomics and related disciplines
  • access point to collaborative research projects and R&D work

We believe that the iDECIDE network is unparalleled by current efforts anywhere on the globe.

I sincerely hope that you will be interested in joining iDECIDE.

I am of course available for any questions you may have. Please send me an email at

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