Paparazzi: Rough but good ol' live demo of the brain

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Some time ago, I had my CBS students from my Neuromarketing course come to the Copenhagen University Hospital, where I do a major bulk of my research on the brain and consumption behaviours. While a volunteer was inside the scanner doing a task, we had a look at his brain. It’s a part of my course that I do whenever possible, since it provides a nice background to the dry textbook material about something as wet and biological as the brain.

What I didn’t know was that one student decided to turn paparazzi and record this sequence and share it online. No worries: no ethical codes were broken, and no data were shared. But it IS a nice little demo of just how precise we can point to certain structures of the brain.


For those who know the regions, it might be a novel take (unless you are well versed in running a Siemens Trio MR machine). For novices it’s a good way of illustrating the position of the different regions you so often may hear about.


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