Refreshing Quotes from Neuroscience

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Here’s another new feature here at BrainEthics. Some quotes from neuroscience and related fields are so provocatively refreshing that they deserve a place of their own. Why not highlight them here, as we fall upon them. Quotes are great, since they seem to grasp the ghist of a whole idea, in one or a few sentences it captures the meaning of an entire book, a whole research trend, a misconjecture in the literature.

I’ll start off with this great quote from Gilles Laurent, who writes in a chapter in a recently published, interesting book (worth mentioning in a post of its own) called “23 problems in system neuroscience“. Here, Laurent opposes what he sees as a cortico-centrism; an unwarranted fascination with the cerebral cortex at the expense of subcortical (and other) structures:

“Why this obsession with cortex? (…) most scientists act as if King Cortex appeared one bright morning out of nowhere, leaving in the mud a zoo of robotic critters, prisoners of their flawed designs and obviously incapable of perception, feeling, pain, sleep, or emotions, to name but a few of their deficiencies. How nineteenth century!”


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