Videos: Artists meet neuroscientists

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Back in October, 2010, the Brain Science Institute at Johns Hopkins University, organized a two day conference on neuroaesthetics. The key idea of the conference was to bring together neuroscientists with artists for a debate on how to understand individual art forms. The meeting had sections on visual art, architecture, music, dance, and design. The neuroscientists speaking at the meeting included Margaret Livingstone, Russell Epstein, Robert Zatorre, and Anjan Chatterjee, as well as well-known artists such as Pat Metheny, the musician, and Marin Alsop, the director of Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

While I often find meetings on neuroaesthsteic that put a higher premium on attracting big names than inviting the experts actually doing experimental research on neuroaesthetics annoying, this particular meeting contains several excellent talks. I know this because, even though I didn’t attend the meeting, I have used the Christmas break to watch videos recorded of them. People interested can find those videos here.


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