Assorted neuroaesthetics news

After writing this weekend’s post on music (below) I got thinking that maybe I should consider updating my wildly popular post on bioaesthetics books – i.e. books looking at aesthetic [...]

2006: Year of the Neanderthals

This year it is 150 years ago that miners in the German Neander Valley lucked upon 16 fossils that turned out to belong to a different homo species. The Neanderthals are of special interest to [...]

Mirror neurons

On a hot summer day 15 years ago in Parma, Italy, a monkey sat in a special laboratory chair waiting for researchers to return from lunch. Thin wires had been implanted in the region of its brain [...]

Hardwired Behavior

This book from Cambridge University Press looks interesting. I haven’t actually read it yet, but the new issue of Nature has a rather positive review of it. A brief passage from the review: [...]

Adult dendritic growth

Until recently anatomists were convinced that humans are born with all the neurons they are ever going to own. In the first years of life, some of theses neurons are then pruned due to a dynamic [...]