Oprah abdicated – HALLELUJAH!

You cannot have failed to notice one of the top stories these days: Oprah Winfrey has held her last talkshow…ever(?). Everywhere there is praise for her talkshow, her style, her [...]

What is hot this spring: Morality!

The topic du jour appears to be the relation between science and morality. Sam Harris has a new book out called The Moral Landscape which argues that good and evil can be put on a scientific [...]

Gut feelings in Copenhagen

Antoine Bechara, the inventer of the Iowa Gambling Task, and together with Antonio Damasio the architect of the “somatic marker hypothesis” is visiting the Decision Neuroscience [...]

Big names coming to CPH

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am currently giving lectures on an April course on neuroeconomics together with Prf.s Elke Weber and Eric Johnson. Needless to say, these lectures are [...]