How to teach neuromarketing?

For a few semesters now, I have been running a course entitled "Neuromarketing – Pleasures and decisions of consumers’ brains". It’s been a great success every semester, [...]

The omnipotency of binding

Is binding the single most important concept in neuroscience? I think it is, even without making the concept too general or vague. On the contrary, binding seems to be a general concept to [...]

The hidden dualism

In an interesting paper in the latest version of Progress in Neurobiology, Yuri I. Arshavsky from UCSD writes about the epistemological dualism that exists in modern neuroscience. basically, [...]

Updating your cog-neurosci textbook

Take any textbook on cognitive neuroscience. If you go through the book you wil see that there are chapters on perception (e.g. vision), memory, and language. Each chapter has its own vocabulary, [...]