Book out in print!

Our highly successful textbook “An Introduction to Neuromarketing & Consumer Neuroscience” is finally out in print! For a long time, we have received requests about a print [...]

Brick Handbook of Neuroethics

I’ve always wondered why it’s called “handbook”, when these books are so darn big and heavy. A huge brick of a book landed on my desk today, entitled “The Oxford [...]

What is hot this spring: Morality!

The topic du jour appears to be the relation between science and morality. Sam Harris has a new book out called The Moral Landscape which argues that good and evil can be put on a scientific [...]

Neuroaesthetics book out!

I am sure loads of you neuroscience buffs out there will be interested in hearing that a new book on neuroaesthetics has just been published. Edited by myself and Oshin Vartanian, it is published [...]

Two new books on neuroeconomics

I’ve received two new books on the relationship between economics and the brain. I soon discovered that they are quite different. While the first book definitely springs out from an [...]