Forgetting mind wandering…?

A recent post at Neuroskeptic discusses whether neuroimaging studies may provide a misleading picture of the brain. The issue is made relevant due to recent studies that demonstrate that for [...]

Thanks, stumblers!

Just noticed that the stats have skyrocketed – and it’s mostly due to StumbleUpon (this wonderful sharing service for pointing each other to good new pages you’d otherwise would never [...]

We are back!

Dear readers. Back in 2005 Thomas and I started Brainethics to debate the consequenses of neuroscience. The background for this decision was the emergence of a new field called neuroethics [...]

You're visitor number…

Yes, we are closing in on 200.000 visitors on this site. With a daily visit rate of more than 500 unique visitors, I think that the BrainEthics idea and neuroethics itself is a success. Congrats [...]

Conference blogging

I have not been very good at blogging the conferences I’m attending. But I will try rectify this grave mistake in the future. Next weekend I am flying to Australia to attend the annual [...]

Out of sync with the blogosphere

Yes, we’ve been! It’s therefore strange — and wonderful — to see that we are still receiving several hundreds of visitors every day. You are all welcome. A brief update on [...]