Using the portable brain scanner in a shopping mall

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This is it! We’re beginning our trials using the ultra-cool new tool developed by the Danish Technological University people.

Yesterday we started testing a single person walking around a shopping mall and buying things. First, from a planned purchase list, and then random and unplanned decisions.

At the same time, the session was filmed by the Danish National Broadcast company (Danmarks Radio), for a program on consumer choice.

The really interesting thing here is, of course, the different uses one can have for this. Although the really neat feature is that the data can be recorded and used for subsequent analyses, the really neat thing is that the same data can be streamed directly to a more powerful computer, analyzed and sent back to the smartphone within a fraction of a second. This then can be used for display purposes, or for more sophisticated uses, including alerting about inattention, risky decisions, emotional state or maybe drowsiness during driving?

The video below is from the DTU’s own lab.


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