What is hot this spring: Morality!

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The topic du jour appears to be the relation between science and morality. Sam Harris has a new book out called The Moral Landscape which argues that good and evil can be put on a scientific footing. As was to be expected, many reviewers disagree. I may return to the book here on the blog when I have had time to read it. Famed autism researcher Simon Baron-Cohen will publish The science of evil this month. A title which is sure to attrack interest! And neurophilosopher Pat Churchland, one of this blog’s favorite thinkers, has just published Braintrust, outlining her take on what neuroscience research can tell us about moral behavior. Thomas will probably review it here very soon.

In the meantime, the reader should check out this interesting debate with Harris, Churchland and a lot of other prominent thinkers, including Steven Pinker and Peter Singer, from a Science Network event November 6, 2010:


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