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Dear readers. Back in 2005 Thomas and I started Brainethics to debate the consequenses of neuroscience. The background for this decision was the emergence of a new field called neuroethics championed by Martha Farah, Judy Illes and several others. These authors found the ethical implications of modern neuroscience research, which has furnished us with a groundbreaking new understanding of how the human brain works, to be of such a magnitude that these implications needed to put on the map and discussed. Thomas and I was also intrigued by other possible consequenses than the purely ethical. Clearly, research into decision-making, neuroeconomics, social neuroscience, or religious beliefs – to name just a few of the novel cognitive neuroscience topics that have come to the fore in the last ten years – holds the potential to inform how we view human psychology and nature. Therefore, our aim, in starting the blog, was to write about new research that in different ways spoke to old questions about what it is to be human, be it the question of how we are able to lie, why we find some objects beautiful, or what role emotion plays in motivating behavior. For the last year or so the blog has been laying dormant. The key reason for this hiatus is the usual pressure of work. However, I think we also got a little caught up in the obligation, felt by many science blogs, to always write about the most novel studies, or the most recent net debates. So, a little fatique set in. But as you can see, we have decided to revitalize the blog. We have moved it to its own domain name, and at the moment we are toying with some updates to its design. In the future we may also try to upload other media forms than the written word, like videos or audio interviews. We’ll see. However, our posts will definitly change a little. We will still focus on the consequences of neuroscience. But we will stick to write more about the topics we really care about and leave it to other neuroscience blogs to report the news. We hope you will also find this an improvement, but please, write us and let us know what you think!


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