Our team member is the NeuroTalent of the year

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We are proud to announce that Khalid Nassri, one of the key members of the Neurons Inc team, has won the NeuroTalent of the year prize.

Khalid’s contribution is explained briefly: “By understanding the buying process of consumers, companies can gain vital marketing information about their products. In collaboration with the Center for Decision Neuroscience and an affluent retail company in America, I conducted an in-store study to test this. With the help of mobile eyetracking and mobile EEG, it is possible to follow the movement of consumers through the store and obtain unbiased information of how consumers react to the products they encounter. From the EEG data, we calculate the prefrontal asymmetry index, a significant indicator of purchase behaviour.”

His contribution can be seen here (PDF).

And here you can see his video presentation below:

Khalid has donated the prize money to refugees in Syria, who are currently in dire need for support and attention

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