Bottom-up saliency, orientation frustration and in-store signage

 In attention, environment, in-store, NeuroVision

Have you ever tried to manoeuvre around a store and never found the section you were looking for? Did you ever try using signage to find your way?

During an in-store field work, we discovered that both participants and customers in general had problems finding their way in the store. Many even reported this as a problem, and vented their frustrations about not being able to find what they were looking for.

Initially, it did not make much sense to us: there were signs for each store section in the ceiling. However, when exploring the results from both mobile eye-tracking and NeuroVision analyses, we made some very interesting observations.

In a new mini Research Report, we demonstrate how the assessment and tweaking of visual saliency can assist in-store attention to help customers navigate the store. 

These findings apply to a number of other situations, ranging from online contents to outdoor traffic signs. By improving our understanding of the bottom-up processes that drive attention, we can improve a substantial but largely forgotten part of our visual communication.

Please download the research report from here

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