London presentation of our NeuroCinematics results

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Karsten Lund, Head of Digital Neuromarketing at Neurons Inc, recently presented our recent work for the Danish Broadcast company (DR). The presentation was at the PromaxBDA Europe Conference in London, UK. DR was our co-presenters.

We recently tested a number of TV viewers on the late-stage concepts of DR’s latest drama TV series Arvingerne (the Heirs). In this work, we applied Neurons Inc latest developments in NeuroCinematics, combining eye-tracking and EEG metrics to assess viewers’ cognitive and emotional responses to the TV drama. The test was done on late-stage clips and concepts of the drama at pre-release.


What we learned in this study was that the emotional and motivational responses of viewers were predictive of their subsequent reports of preference and experience with the TV drama. As the actual content of the drama had a very negative emotional tone (death and heritage discussion), we observed substantial negative emotional responses to this content.

You can see some examples of the NeuroCinematics responses below (muted), shown within the Neurons Online App (NOA):


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