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Neurons Inc is dedicated to continuously improving the understanding of the brain, and how this understanding can affect how to understand and affect human behaviour.

In doing so, we publish articles, run workshops and seminars, communicate through the media, and much more. Here, we collect some of the most important work we do.

In particular, building on the hugely successful massive open online course on neuromarketing – we aim at building an online course that can be continuously expanded and added to, and thereby providing our users and clients with a strong understanding of applied neuroscience.



Introduction to Neuromarketing & Consumer Neuroscience

How do we make decisions on what to buy and what to pay for it? Why are we affected by brands and pricing when making our choices or just experiencing something? Traditional approaches to such questions have relied on the behavioural and social sciences.

However, today we see a dramatic shift in our understanding of consumption behaviours. Recent advances in modern neuroscience, and how it combines with economics and psychology, have allowed us to study how different brain functions serve consumer behaviour. A commercial industry is emerging that offers novel ways to assess consumer attention, emotion and memory.

This book, written by one of the leading figures in neuromarketing and consumer neuroscience, offers a comprehensive insight into the workings of the brain and its mind, and how this knowledge can inform our understanding of consumption behaviours. The book offers both basic and front-end academic insights, and includes chapters on sensation and perception; attention and consciousness; emotion and feeling; memory and learning; motivation and preference; and decision making. It also offers up to date and comprehensive insight about how the tools of neuroscience can be applied to assess consumer cognition and emotion. This book works as a landmark for this emerging academic and commercial disciplines, and to become a standard book of reference, just as the textbooks by Kotler and Keller have been for advertising and marketing.

Selected Readings in Consumer Neuroscience & Neuromarketing

What is the important scientific literature in consumer neuroscience and neuromarketing? What do the articles mean? This is the UPDATED version of the original compendium. And it’s all free!

Neuromarketing today is very much a conglomerate of divergent solutions; hyped up talks; and a mixture of true science and pop science gone terribly wrong. This collection of papers represent our own take on what the basics should entail.

The Selected Readings is a freely available collection og essential science articles, briefly introduced by Dr. Thomas Z. Ramsøy. It is a valuable resource for both newcomers as well as experienced people within the academic and commercial disciplines.

Cognition, Brain & Consciousness

A wave of new research is transforming our understanding of the human mind and brain. Many educational fields now require a basic understanding of the new topic of cognitive neuroscience. However, available textbooks are written more for biology audiences than for psychology and related majors.

This text aims to bridge that gap. A background in biology of neuroscience is not required. The thematic approach builds on widely understood concepts in psychology, such as working memory, selective attention, and social cognition. Edited by two leading experts in the field, the book guides the reader along a clear path to understand the latest findings.


About the Work

Dr. Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy is considered one of the leading scholars and practitioners of applied neuroscience. With a strong background in economics, psychology and neuroscience, he founded and headed the Center for Decision Neuroscience, at the Copenhagen Business School and Copenhagen University Hospital.

Ramsøy’s publication list is extensive, and he has now well over 1.000 citations of his work.

Among his most cited work include topics such as:

  • consciousness & the brain
  • the brain bases of decision making
  • behavioral economics & neuroeconomics
  • consumer neuroscience & neuromarketing
  • design & neuroaesthetics
  • aberrant behaviors

To best obtain his work, go to the ResearchGate website


NeuroVision WhitePaper

NeuroVision is our automated image and video analysis tool that demonstrates the most visually salient features of an image or video frame.

By analysing images and videos, you will gain new insights into what attracts visual attention, how complex an ad or a scene/store is, and how to improve on these results.

NeuroVision is not only a tool — it’s a way of thinking

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