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This year, no less than three Neurons have submitted to become the 2015 NMSBA NeuroTalent of the Year! You can vote for Dalia, Samir and Dimo here, and besides doing some crazy good projects, they have all made some awesome videos, which you can see below:

Dalia Bagdziunaite

What is driving Compulsive Buying Disorder (CBD) – or “shopaholism?”. So far, Dalia has not only found that CBD suffer from increased arousal and a disconnect between arousal and choice (but no impulse control issues), she is now moving out of the lab to study the attentional, cognitive and emotional responses in CBD sufferers to get an ecologically valid and highly granular account of why some become shopaholics.

Samir Karzazi

Samir comes with a solid training in accounting, and wondered whether biological and neural responses to financial reports could affect the evaluation of companies. Studying the effects of cognitive load, Samir found that the crowding and complexity of financial reports can indeed boost cognitive load and that this has a negative effect on evaluation of the company value and equity.

Dimo Beloshapkov

Dimo not only studied brands, he actually made a new branded (and non-existing) product – ChoKoKo – which in no time grew and made success on Facebook, allowing him to study the relationship between different elements of branding on Facebook, and biological responses.


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