Press Release: Neurons partners with NeuroScope for bringing applied neuroscience to the Arab World and the Balkans

 In about Neurons Inc

On August 25 2015, Neurons Inc (Holbaek, Denmark) signed an partnership agreement with NeuroScope (Istanbul, Turkey) for providing the world’s leading applied neuroscience solutions to Turkey and the Arab world. CEO of NeuroScope, Dr. Mustafa Balkaya and Neurons Inc CEO, Dr. Thomas Z. Ramsøy have been working together on a solution for providing applying neuroscience tools and insights to major parts of business, including consumer insights, retail and marketing, R&D and innovation as well as management & leadership to this region. Beyond the Arab countries, the Neurons-NeuroScope partnership will provide access to the Balkans and surrounding areas.

“As part of our globalisation strategy, we have been fortunate to partner with NeuroScope in Istanbul, Turkey, for us to be able to reach out to the Arab world and surrounding regions. As a spin-off from the Bahçeşehir University, as well as Dr. Balkaya’s strong research background at from the Harvard Medical School, Neurons Inc and NeuroScope will employ neuroscience insights and tools to alleviate current and future challenges in business and society. The partnership will ensure the highest possible quality in studies and insights provided to clients, and will provide our growing base of international clients the best solution for understanding consumers in this region,” says Dr. Ramsøy.

Drs Ramsøy & Balkaya

“After thorough consideration of options, we have found the complete suite of solutions from Neurons Inc to be the optimal solution for our region and our clients. With our strong background in medical sciences and business, it has been extremely important for us to find a solution that is based on scientific principles and reliability, and that is highly reliable. With the solutions offered by Neurons, we can have a flying start in applying neuroscience tools and insights, and with a partnership that continues to explore and improve this new and exciting are of work in business and society.”

Neurons Inc and NeuroScope will formally launch their collaboration on September 1, but specific events in Istanbul will soon be announced. Stay tuned!

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