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Neurons Inc is pleased to announce the establishment of a new office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to represent the entity throughout Southeast Asia (SEA) and bring the world’s leading applied neuroscience solutions to the region.

There is a significant, growing interest in using applied neuroscience solutions to better understand consumer responses in the SEA region and with this expansion, Neurons Inc is now able to provide better insight, actionable solutions and personalized market research solutions locally in the region.

Last year, Neurons Inc conducted a study with Ericsson on the neuroscience behind Indonesian smartphone user expectations. The study examined the extent to which delays on mobile web browsing and video loading were associated with increased stress and emotional responses (click here for the report). Since then, interest in the solutions of Neurons Inc has been spreading rapidly across the region.

Head of Neurons Inc Southeast Asia (NISEA), Mr. Francis Tey, and Neurons Inc CEO, Dr. Thomas Zöega Ramsøy, have been working together on a solution for providing neuroscience tools and insights to major parts of business and market research, including consumer insights, retail and marketing, advertising, R&D and innovation, as well as management & leadership. The commercial collaboration was brought to fruition after a successful academic collaboration between Dr. Ramsøy and NISEA team members, Miss Saba Montazeribarforoushi and Mr Abdolfazl Keshavarzsaleh. Their recent work on an applied neuroscience perspective on the AIDA model can be found available here.

From the headquarters in Denmark, Neurons Inc. CEO Thomas Z. Ramsøy declared that: “I am very happy to have this opening in the region of Southeast Asia. The region has a tremendously strong and growing tech and innovation scene, and an extremely interesting area to have one of the main Neurons hubs. There is a substantial growth in the Southeast Asian markets, and both local and global companies need to have the best possible understanding of their customers’ needs, and how to address them. At the same time, as Neurons are constantly making new strides of innovation in applied neuroscience, Asia is an extremely important place to be to tap into the resourcefulness and possibilities happening there.”

Francis Tey, Head of NISEA, commented, “I am excited to work for Neurons Inc in leveraging the applied neuroscience capabilities and to enhance opportunities for marketers to personalize their reach in brand recognition through innovative technology. I believe technology will always require human touch and decision making. I am honoured to be a part of an established player in applied neuroscience services and to bring exciting innovations to the industry. By leveraging Neurons Inc’s network of clients and our network of drivers in South East Asia, we will be able to understand consumer decisions using Applied Neuroscience in a cost effective manner. By focusing on the scale of our key business activities, we believe that Neurons Inc SEA will not only strengthen its existing market presence but be able to drive greater market penetration within South East Asia.”

The opening of the new offices is set to launch this August and both parties are very excited to bring the solutions and capabilities of Neurons to the SEA region.

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