Neuroscience and innovation at the Montreal C2 conference

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Are you ready to leave your comfort zone? Come around and see what Neurons Inc has to say at the C2 Conference this week in Montreal! Our CEO and scientific guru Thomas Z. Ramsøy is jumping up stage together with Kyle Nel, Executive Director from Lowe’s innovation labs. They will talk about how neuroscience can be used to test disrupting ideas that no one has done (or even imagined!) before. In this scenario, we apply our expertise to understand the reactions from clients and employees to new implementations. The initial results can then be used as a benchmark to guide future innovations, and the process gets iterated, giving you a full understanding of how the public is going to respond to your next idea. Voilà.

The Montreal C2 Conference is a three-day event where entrepreneurial icons and business innovators join together to challenge their own ideas and travel to the future. It’s full of hands-on workshops, provocative speakers, and next generation business solutions. Are you in? Don’t miss our live demo. See you there!

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