Learn about brain scanning and new business ideas at IIeX North America

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How can you predict the success of a new product that people hasn’t conceived yet? When doing brain research for business purposes, there’s a gap between science and strategic decisions that are often risky, complex and time-restricted. After years of cooperation with business partners from many different fields, we have learned that scientific consumer research brings its best results when combined with insightful business ideas.

Our COO Mike Storm has been travelling overnight and today he will be at the IIeX North America 2017 explaining how years of successful cooperation have guided the most crazy unthinkable ideas to become a reality at Lowe’s innovation labs.

Using eye-tracking and brain scanning, Neurons Inc and Lowe’s are obtaining consumer insights that guide disrupting ideas into the world. With the use of scientifically valid methods, we are reaching to the point of being able to predict the success of a new collection, concept or product that the public has not yet conceived. As you may imagine, this is not an easy task, it requires rigorous data gathering, transparent data processing and a big deal of scientific expertise to interpret the results. But it pays off, the cumulative knowledge in hands of the retail gives an unparalleled strategic advantage.

Do you want to know what happens next?

Where: IIeX North America 2017 – Atlanta

When: June 13th at 11 AM (GMT-4)

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